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Our Circus Skills 'Special Event' is run by the ridiculously talented and amazing SAM VEALE.


During the Circus Skills sessions, Sam gives children a fun introduction to a range of tricks, including -

  • Juggling

  • Plate spinning

  • Yo-yo

  • Object balancing

  • Tight rope walking

  • Diabolo

  • Ball spinning

Sam Veale is a professional Circus Skills performer, who supplies sessions and workshops to children, businesses and corporate events. Over the years, Sam has also lent his juggling skills to a number of TV adverts and corporate videos.

Sam's sessions are so fun to watch (and be part of), ensuring that the children are entertained, educated and exhausted by the end! During the Circus Skills sessions, every child is involved and every child has their own prop or piece of equipment.

Sam Veale Circus.jpg
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