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During most of our school holiday and half-term Buzzers Camps, we run a variety of SPECIAL EVENTS...all run by vastly experienced, highly skilled and qualified external providers (that have been vetted, tried and tested by Buzzers!)


Attendance to all our 'Special Events' is exclusively for children booked on to the Camp.

Bookings are done on a first-come, first-served basis. This means that occasionally, places may be full before the 10am arrivals.

All of our 'Special Events' are booked and paid for on arrival to the Camp. Payment is made by CASH ONLY.

The additional cost to parents for our ‘Special Events’ is merely there to part-pay for the external tutors that come in to run the sessions. Being that we are first and foremost a teaching organisation, everything we do at Buzzers reflects the teaching standards that we set ourselves in our day-to-day (term time) work. Therefore, all of our ‘Special Events’ tutors are of the highest calibre and with the highest qualifications and experiences possible. With that (unfortunately) comes a cost; a cost that we aim to partially recoup via parent contribution.

Our ‘Special Event’ sessions are OPTIONAL and are run separately to the main Camp activities. The sessions are simply there to offer children something a bit different and to enhance our ever-growing Buzzers brand. Many of our 'Special Event' providers operate on multiple dates through each holiday/half-term period, therefore there is always the opportunity for your child to experience their sessions. 

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There's something for everyone!

Our SPECIAL EVENTS were introduced to add something a little bit different to our Buzzers Camp days. At Buzzers, there really is something to suit every child!

There are 3 types of Buzzers SPECIAL EVENTS -

Premium  £10 per child

Standard  £5 per child


Bookings for all SPECIAL EVENTS are made on arrival to the Camp each morning.

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