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Our Korfball sessions are hosted by BROMLEY KORFBALL and run by the amazing Coach Natalie. Korfball is an amazing sport which is unfortunately not played enough in schools (in our opinion!) Buzzers is proud to support and aid the development of Bromley Korfball and the amazing work that Natalie and her team do for the club and the sport itself.

In Coach Natalie's words...

"Bromley Korfball has expanded greatly since its formation in 2008, with thriving Senior and Junior sections playing in both London and Kent tournaments with increasing success.

Our senior first team is now well established in the London Regional league and looking to develop further. Our juniors have continued to benefit from the experience of their Head Coach and club founder, Bill Berry ably assisted by myself and a number of the senior players.

We are committed to developing Korfball in the local Bromley schools, providing children with an insight into and an opportunity to compete in a wonderful sport.

We always look forward to working with Buzzers and showcasing Korfball to a new audience."

Korfball has technical links with Netball and Basketball, and our sessions will develop the children's agility, balance and coordination, as well as their ability to work as a team.

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