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Buzzers Tokens

Throughout our Buzzers Camps, we often give out prizes and rewards to children who have either won a sports competition, helped others, or shown great sportsmanship, leadership and positive attitude throughout the day/week/Camp period. Buzzers TOKENS will be given to children who excel in the following -

  • Behaviour

  • Helping others

  • Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Sporting super-star

  • Sporting improvement

  • The willingness to learn and try new sports/activities

The TOKENS can be used to pay for any 'Special Event' at Buzzers. Each TOKEN has a monetary value of £5.

Simply book your child on to our ‘Special Events’ when you arrive to the Camp and hand over the correct amount of Tokens to a member of our team. For 'Standard' events, you will need 1 Token. For 'Premium' events, you will need 2 Tokens. For full details of our 'Standard' and 'Premium' events, please click here.


  • The Buzzers Tokens are non-transferable i.e. they can not be refunded or exchanged for cash.

  • Buzzers Tokens can not be used to pay for Camp attendance fees.​

  • Each Buzzers Token can only be used once and must be handed to a member of the Buzzers team on the day that you wish to redeem it.

  • Buzzers Tokens will not be replaced if lost.

  • Buzzers Tokens do not have an expiry date.

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