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In the past few years, Lacrosse has made a big comeback in Bromley primary schools, resulting in BROMLEY UNIOR LACROSSE being created with current teams at under 10 and under 12 levels. Buzzers are proud to support the fantastic work Bromley Lacrosse do and we welcome them to our Academies any time!

The 'Bromley Junior Lacrosse' project started as the brainchild of Mike Barrett, a former teacher and international Lacrosse player.

In August 2022 Mike set up 'MB Coaching & Teaching Services UK' with the intention of restarting the once thriving Lacrosse scene in Bromley schools.

With the support of the Bromley School Games Organisers, the Lacrosse Foundation, Centurions Lacrosse and England Lacrosse, Mike set about gaining interest from Bromley primary schools that were keen to get involved in the Bromley Lacrosse project. The ultimate goal was to create 4 junior Lacrosse teams in the borough to negate travel to play in other junior Lacrosse teams across the south of England.

The project had to start with gaining interest in PE lessons in primary schools then building extra-curricular clubs and ultimately Bromley Junior Lacrosse clubs across the borough.

Lacrosse Sticks in Air
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